Global Robot Revolution: EVERY Job Is At Risk?

The algorithms of a robot are progressively advancing, making the automation of more tasks possible, and, eventually, many occupations are likely to become obsolete (Mack, 2017). Robots can perform repetitive tasks, which are tiresome and prone to mistakes when done by humans, faster and without errors. Because of that advantage, they are taking over many tasks in many industries, lowering wage costs, and improving efficiency. Let’s look at some examples.

Samples of Phat Math’s Work: R&D, Consulting, Training and Publishing

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A sample of Phat Math‘s R&D, consulting, training and publications may be found on the various websites listed below.  Please note that Phat Math has other work samples that we would love to display, but due to confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, we are only able to share such work with certain clients.

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Tuesday Tech Talk Episode 1: Soundstage

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Welcome to an all knew series of videos being offered up by our friend Danny Richie of GR-Research! Danny is a speaker/crossover designer/engineer and is one of the most important mentors in my world of hifi! In episode 1, Danny shares his thoughts of the previously mentioned method used for setting speakers for soundstage, chats about room treatment, what it takes for a speaker to have great staging abilities and so much more! Please leave your comments and questions down below and Danny will be quick to answer!

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2019 College Decision // How I Decided

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Kemira – high performance polymer technology

Kemira – Holographic 3D visualisation to demonstrate complex technology
Kemira is a global chemicals company, providing customers in water-intensive industries with expertise, application know-how and chemicals that improve its customers’ water, energy and raw material efficiency. Kemira’s focus is on pulp & paper, oil & gas, mining and water treatment.

At its annual Capital Markets Day, Kemira wanted to demonstrate the features and highlight the benefits of the high performance polymer technology for chemically enhanced oil recovery (CEOR) to a non-technical audience. Due to the nature of the audience, also business performance and potential of the technology needed to be made visible. To make a highly complex technology understandable to a crowd of non-experts in an interesting and memorable way is always a challenge. But to illustrate the business potential of the technology in a way the audience can relate to, is even more challenging. To better demonstrate its knowhow to a non-technical audience, Kemira decided to use advanced visualisation tools.

Solution – holographic visualisation

Stereoscape created an “outside-to-inside” animation within a holographic display, showing the technology to a detail. The eye-catching 3D animation demonstrates Kemira’s performance polymer technology as well as attracts visitors’ attention in an entirely new way. The animation was enhanced with colours and text to further accelerate understanding of the state-of-the-art technology. Stereoscape also created a 2D animated version – enriched with music – that can be utilised in other marketing channels.

Results – a versatile communication tool

The animation was shown for the first time at Kemira Capital Markets Day, where it helped Kemira to communicate the cutting-edge technology and its business potential. Making the invisible visible, the virtual presentation gives customers and visitors a chance to take a 3D-enriched digital look inside polymer waterproofing.

The content that Steroscape created makes polymeers and CEOR understandable and interesting also to non-technical audience. While doing this in a visually rich and informative way, it really hit the point. The animation has proved to be a useful and versatile communication tool for Kemira: the executives take advantage of it in one-to-one meetings with investors, the holographic 3D version helps the specialists in R&D to explain the technology to the non-specialists, and the 2D version displayed at the Kemira headquarters’ lobby entertains and informs all visitors entering the company.

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