Global Robot Revolution: EVERY Job Is At Risk?

The algorithms of a robot are progressively advancing, making the automation of more tasks possible, and, eventually, many occupations are likely to become obsolete (Mack, 2017). Robots can perform repetitive tasks, which are tiresome and prone to mistakes when done by humans, faster and without errors. Because of that advantage, they are taking over many tasks in many industries, lowering wage costs, and improving efficiency. Let’s look at some examples.

Samples of Phat Math’s Work: R&D, Consulting, Training and Publishing

artificial intelligence

A sample of Phat Math‘s R&D, consulting, training and publications may be found on the various websites listed below.  Please note that Phat Math has other work samples that we would love to display, but due to confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, we are only able to share such work with certain clients.

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High Technology: Multiaxis machining (very high speed)

High Technology: Multiaxis machining (very high speed) Document : Multiaxis machining : Multiaxis machining is a manufacturing .

For more information on high-speed multi-axis machining solutions, visit Multi-axis machining of small parts requires a machine .

Max speed CNC machining – Multi-axis machining with the highest speed – CNC technology.

The MU-V Series provides the power of process-intensive machining and high-speed, high-accuracy cutting through the .

Hi Tech Backgrounds Pack 3 – Hexagon Patterns


These futuristic animated backgrounds represent information analysis or data flow. You may use these backgrounds to present hi-tech gadgets, digital products, any kind of analytics or scientific research. You may also use these hexagonal patterns as overlays to add a modern and technological look to you video presentation. These backdrops are extremely useful for making sci-fi or hi-tech looking fictional user interfaces (UI). These hexagon grids also may be used in motion design as HUD and infographics elements.

The pack includes 10 various animated textures rendered in 3 ways:
– Basic frontal
– Low angle with DOF
– Perspective with DOF

Duration: 30×10 sec (Looped Seamlessly)
Frame rate: 30 FPS
Resolution: 1920×1080 (Full HD)
Format: QuickTime (H.264)

Hi-Tech Backgrounds Pack 2

Hi-Tech Backgrounds Pack 1

You can use these hi-tech backgrounds in any video editor software like : After Effects, Premiere, Apple Motion, Final Cut, Avid and etc. If you want to apply them as overlay, import a hi-tech background into your software, place it on top of your video and set its blending mode to “Screen” or “Add”.

If you need the source textures with no effects applied, check out the following Hi-Tech Interface Textures Packs.

Hi-Tech Interface Textures Pack 3

Hi-Tech Interface Textures Pack 2

Hi-Tech Interface Textures Pack 1

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