20170221 • CHP New High Tech Cruiser • 93560

Commander John Williams, a Rosamond resident, manages the California Highway Patrol area office in Mojave.
“We’re excited to have the Dodge Chargers out here again,” he explains, “We had them a couple of years ago but these are coming out with a new design. These will replace all our Crown Victorias; so you’ll be seeing more of these on the road along with our Explorers. This is a very nice vehicle we’re very happy to see them.
“It’s nice to have a sedan that is fast enough to get us where we need to go but still safe enough to keep us safe. Since I’ve been on the Highway Patrol, which is plus 20 years, we’ve had a lot of different vehicles. We had the Caprices, the Mustangs, I even drove a Dodge Diplomat; we routinely switch up our vehicles based upon the needs of our department and the needs of the community. This is another one of those phases that meets our needs for now. I anticipate in 10 years we’ll be looking at a whole different fleet again.” A new cruiser starts out as a Dodge Charger. Rear wheel drive like the Crown Victorias. With a V-6 engine and bullet proof doors that will stop almost everything.

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