Benefit or Threat? How Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are Changing the Finance Industry and Your Jobs.

by Madelyn Bowen, Shelbi Bias, Juan Berru, Severo Bernal, Gabriela Arguello, Jacobo Attias and Robert Autenreith

It is no mystery that Corporate Finance is starting to use Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  These robots aid in the gathering of information such as statistics and data in corporate finance. As of now the nations leading the way with the use of robots are South Korea, Singapore, China, and Germany, followed by Japan, Sweden, and Denmark with the United States ranking 7th (According to USNews). As of now, these robots cost 30,000 US dollars and an additional 15,000 to maintain along with the software. These costs are projected to be reduced when more robots are introduced to the finance industry but for now stem pretty high.