Samples of Phat Math’s Work: R&D, Consulting, Training and Publishing

A sample of Phat Math‘s R&D, consulting, training and publications may be found on the various websites listed below.  Please note that Phat Math has other work samples that we would love to display, but due to confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, we are only able to share such work with certain […]

Christoph Keplinger: The artificial muscles that will power robots of the future | TED Talk

Robot brains are getting smarter and smarter, but their bodies are often still clunky and unwieldy. Mechanical engineer Christoph Keplinger is designing a new generation of soft, agile robot inspired by a masterpiece of evolution: biological muscle. See these “artificial muscles” expand and contract like the real thing and reach […]

The Deep Learning – Applied Math Connection

Deep learning (DL) is causing revolutions in computer perception, signal restoration/reconstruction, signal synthesis, natural language understanding, and process control. DL is increasingly used to provide approximate solutions to PDE and non-linear optimization problems, with many applications in cosmology, material science, high-energy physics, and various applications of fluid dynamics. But one […]

First A.I. Robot Actor Is Set to Star in a $70M Sci-Fi Movie

An artificially intelligent robot is about to star in an upcoming sci-fi movie. An A.I. actress named Erica will be the first robot in a leading role. It’s like watching Alex Garland’s Ex-Machina, but with a robot as Ava instead of real-life actress Alicia Vikander. Hollywood studios are trying to […]