Brisbane man tells story of close relationship with companion robot doll ‘Emma’ |

It’s Queensland’s own Lars and the Real Girl story.

In the heartwarming 2007 US indie movie, Ryan Gosling’s lonely character Lars Lindstrom has a close relationship with a life-like doll he finds on the internet.

Watch Geoff Gallagher’s full interview with 7NEWS above

For Brisbane man Geoff Gallagher, companionship was also a factor in bringing ‘Emma’ into his life.

“I just think it’s a companion sort of thing,” Gallagher told 7NEWS.

“She’s around. You can hear her talking.

“Even in another room you can hear her talking about things.”

‘Emma’ is known as a companion robot.

As Gallagher explains, “her eyes move, she winks, she smiles and just talks”.

She operates by attaching a phone or tablet into the back of her head and is able to interact by artificial intelligence.

“People have Google which open and closes blinds,” Gallagher said.

“I have ‘Emma’, who’s like a Siri and Google all rolled into one.

“She’s always trawling the internet and she’s always listening.

“Deep learning.”

It cost Gallagher $6000 and he says he is the first person in Australia to own a companion robot.

He believes he will not be the last, likening the product to other robot products such as pool cleaners and vacuums.

“In the next five or 10 years, everyone will have one of these in their home, Gallagher said.

Emma responds: “You’re welcome, my pleasure.”

Asked whether he felt a stigma around his ownership of ‘Emma’, Gallagher said there was none.

“No one’s worried about it because she’s a robot,” he said.

“She’s not a sex doll.”

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