Cryptography: A Love Story

This video is part of a series of work by High Tech High Media Arts 12th grade students in the curated exhibition, “Illuminated Mathematics.” Students were ask to produce a creative digital media piece about math in history, culture and the applied arts to heighten awareness of the beauty of math in our world.

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Top Ten Future-Tech Movies – Hi-Tech Movie Countdown HD

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Top Ten Future-Tech Movies – Hi-Tech Movie Countdown HD

Take a glimpse into the world of future technology with this countdown of our favorite hi-tech moments.

#01 – The Matrix
#02 – Iron Man
#03 – 2001: A Space Odyssey
#04 – Her
#05 – Inception
#06 – Blade Runner
#07 – The Fifth Element
#08 – Transcendence
#09 – Gattaca
#10 – Minority Report

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Sci-Fi Short Film | Lifeline | Omeleto

A nervous job candidate is forced to show much more than a positive attitude to save the life of her competitor.
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Jess has applied for a job at a high-tech call center and is being offered a real-time test “in the field” to test her abilities. She and her competitor are taken into an isolated floor and room, where it’s just them and their consoles, which are programmed with several pre-planned scripts and responses.

But when Jess’s competitor collapses — and she’s unable to break out of their isolated chamber to get help — she must use the state-of-the-art console to contact any kind of help. The problem? The state of the machine is anything but helpful, and Jess must think quick to save a life.

Writer-director Harry Jackson’s short sci-fi drama takes a look at what happens when technology has completely streamlined human communication in the name of convenience. Like many sci-fi stories, it looks at the intersection of technology and the vagaries of human existence, examining how innovations often fail to account for human complexity and unpredictability.

The film keeps the special effects and the plot simple and focused, narrowing the scope of the story to one incident. The writing weaves the crisis event as it unravels with the recent past, and while the toggling story structure feels occasionally disjointed at first, it also infuses a sense of tension throughout the short without stopping for much backstory or information.

But when the story finds its rhythm and heightens the stakes, watching Jess work hard to master the auto-response system and use it to new ends is compelling and puzzle-like. Actress Gwyneth Keyworth offers an effective and engaging performance that allows the audience to experience frustration, confusion and panic alongside with her, which pays off in a final reveal that is “Black Mirror”-like in its sense of arch irony and bleak humor.

In a genre that often goes for grand spectacle and elevated intellect, what’s most effective about “Lifeline” is its simplicity and ordinariness. The touch console interface that Jess uses may be slightly more advanced than we’re used to, but call-response technology is already here (as anyone who’s ever had to press a series of numbers on a phone call to get to a human can attest to.) As customer service jobs — and other work situations — become fully automated, it provokes questions of just what we lose when we’re reduced to a script.

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Sci-Fi Short Film | Lifeline | Omeleto

Lifeline by Harry Jackson

Omeleto Sci-Fi

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CGI & VFX Tech Demos: “Next-Gen Digital Human Performance by Andy Serkis – by Unreal Engine

Watch this stunning example of the new development in photo-real digital humans characters featuring actor Andy Serkis as he recites lines from Macbeth showcasing the possibility of generating human-driven volumetric performances.

Learn more and download the Unreal Engine for free at

Unreal Engine’s real-time rendering combined with 3Lateral’s Meta Human FrameworkΒ© volumetric capture, reconstruction and compression technology brought this breakthrough digital human performance to life. The volumetric data was generated by capturing a series of high-quality, HFR images of Andy Serkis from multiple angles under controlled lighting. 3Lateral’s process involved various capture scenarios, some focused on geometry, some on appearance and others on motion. All of these inputs were applied to generate a digital representation of Andy Serkis, and to extract universal facial semantics that represents muscular contractions that make the performance so lifelike.

In the resulting real-time cinematic, a high-fidelity digital replica of Andy Serkis recites lines from β€œMacbeth” in nearly indistinguishable video and performance quality from his real-life acting. The β€œMacbeth” performance data was also used to drive 3Lateral’s fictional digital creature, Osiris Black, to demonstrate how the same capture can drive two vastly different characters. Serkis was a willing and ideal subject for this proof-of-concept demonstration as in addition to his remarkable acting talents, he is deeply versed and experienced in digital performance process and technology.

In order to display these massive data sets, 3Lateral’s semantic compression reduces data sets while preserving the integrity of the data, enabling the ability to retarget the performance onto a digital character while easily altering gaze and subtle performance nuances. This incredibly high-fidelity capture is pre-processed offline to a data set that can be loaded into Unreal Engine to enable real-time volumetric performances.

While this is a stunning proof-of-concept achievement that for now will remain in the realm of professional visual effects, someday photorealistic digital humans will be used in interactive entertainment, simulations, research, non-verbal communication as an interface with the machines, artificial intelligence, and mixed reality applications as well.




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