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Big in Japan: giant Gundam robot makes its first moves in Yokohama | World news | The Guardian

It stands just over 18 metres tall and weighs 25 tonnes. And, after years of painstaking work, a life-size Japanese Gundam robot has just proved to its legions of fans that it really can move. Modelled on one of the robots from the hugely popular 1970s anime series Mobile Suit […]

SIGN THE PETITION: Amazon workers are not robots

No-one should be scared about leaving work in an ambulance. But that’s the reality hundreds of Amazon warehouse workers face each and every shift. It’s time for a parliamentary inquiry into Amazon. There have been more than 600 ambulance call-outs to Amazon warehouses over the past three years. And all the while, […]

Watch Japan’s 60 Foot Gundam Robot Take a Gigantic Knee

Watch Japan’s 60 Foot Gundam Robot Take a Gigantic Knee 4 hours ago__Victor Tangermann__Filed Under: Robots & Machines Gundam House via YouTube Big-Ass Robot Japan’s gigantic 60-foot tall Gundam robot just took several steps — and even kneeled. The footage, uploaded to YouTube by local observers, is admittedly sped up between […]