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Premiere: Nada Robot, ‘Got It Good’ –

Nada Robot is the next-generation musical project of the Farmer sibling gang — brothers Addam, Heath and Austin, who were core members of Island Apollo and, prior to that, the Bolts. This time, though, the family affair expands to include Addam’s wife, Mia Farmer. It is Mia, a veteran of […]

Baby “MIT Cheetah” opensource and 3D-printable robot – Personal Robots

•About Me:Hi, my name is Marco Gallo, I’m a tech enthusiasts and Software Developer . Robots have been my passion since I was a child!•PersonalRobots Mission : We will guide you in choosing the perfect domestic robot, check our robot reviews! Learn with us how to build your robot and […]

From Cashier to Home Depot Executive Vice President | Ann-Marie Campbell

Image Credit:  Understanding Business   Ann-Marie Campbell is a Jamaican-American business executive. Since January 2016, she has been the Executive Vice President of U.S. stores for The Home Depot. She began working at The Home Depot as a part-time cashier during college, and rose through the ranks to her current […]

nissan builds robot duck to help rice farmers clear paddies of weeds

an engineer working for japanese carmaker nissan has built a robot duck to help farmers reduce the use of herbicide and pesticide on their rice crops. the compact robot is designed to mimic the natural use of ducks that paddle around in flooded paddy fields, tear up weeds and snack […]