CGI VFX Tech Demos : “GDC 2014 :Facial Motion Capture” by Dynamixyz

Check out this fantastic Tech Demo for Dynamixyz” Performer Suite and MOCAP Design”s headcam! For more information, please see the details below:

GDC 2014 trailer made by Bretagne Production International using Dynamixyz” Performer Suite and MOCAP Design”s headcam.

Dynamixyz Technology

Dynamixyz technology uses an innovative development called “Expressive Space” to produce high quality face analysis/synthesis in real-time. Dynamixyz technology has been developed for use within a wide range of products and services aimed at professional users wishing to make their virtual characters more realistic.

Expressive Spaces are complex spaces composed of many different dimensions. The system generates these spaces statistically by automatically analysing video sequences. An Expressive Space can be custom-built to model a person”s expressiveness; their expressions can then be applied to a virtual character and commanded in real-time. Since this space is highly complex, a sphere-shaped interface has been developed, allowing users to navigate the system in a straightforward way. Expressions are thus shown as a simple dot within this sphere making it extremely easy to “navigate” from one expression to another in a realistic manner.

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