– Advertiser: UNIQLO

– Agency: Cheil Worldwide

– Describe the brief from the client:
Winters are cold.
The high heating cost in Korea makes people feel even colder.
So we wondered ? Just as Uniqlo’s clothes keep people warm,
Could their advertisement keep them warm, too?
Actually warm?
Furthermore, the logo of the Heat Tech thermal wear is printed on the Heat Tech Window, which makes all the windows across town on which it is applied into new advertising media for Uniqlo.

Uniqlo Korea gave out 500,000 Heat Tech Windows to consumers for free.

In a clever way, Uniqlo gained 500,000 OOH advertisements during the winter period.

– Describe Idea:
Using bubble wrap, which is commonly used for packaging, we created an advertisement that is actually warm ? the Heat Tech Window.
Just by applying the Heat Tech Window to a window, the room temperature rises by 2~3°C(3.6~5.4°F).
The x-x-x-x-x-layer of air inside the air caps blocks the heat conduction between the outside and inside, thus raising the temperature of the room.
Applying the Heat Tech Window saves an average 20% on heating. 2)
It’s the solution to reduce the heating cost that is so expensive in Korea by means of affordable bubble wrap normally used for packaging.
1)Air Cap Sheet Insulation Estimation, 2015 / The Korea Institute of Building Construction
2) Apartment Winter Heating

– Describe results & achievement:
During the campaign period, 500,000 Heat Tech Windows were handed out to consumers and applied on their windows.

Out on the streets, those windows had become new advertising media.

In a clever way, Uniqlo gained 500,000 OOH advertisements during the winter period

The campaign video reached 30 million impressions online (3/5 of all Koreans, based on a 50 million population)

As a result, Heat Tech sales recorded a year-on-year growth of 203%.

The campaign garnered widespread attention and was featured in 72 different Korean media outlets.

The fact that an advertisement actually helped make people feel warmer, and even saved heating costs was highly praised.
“A must-have for this winter