Samples of Phat Math’s Work: R&D, Consulting, Training and Publishing

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A sample of Phat Math‘s R&D, consulting, training and publications may be found on the various websites listed below.  Please note that Phat Math has other work samples that we would love to display, but due to confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, we are only able to share such work with certain clients.

Some of our Math, Energy, STEM, automation and artificial intelligence work is described on the sites Global Energy Post, MathQED, Robot Labor Force, Hot Math News and The Commerce Pro.

In addition, some of Phat Math‘s financial engineering and financial literacy work is described on the sites Cash ABCsMain Street Bailout and Yuge Debt.

Also, Phat Math periodically gets requests from students and professionals seeking information about job opportunities and ways to finance their education.  Hence, we dedicated the sites Best Job Hub, College Cash Magnet and Skool Dealz to these endeavors.

Finally, at Phat Math we also like to have fun.  Hence, we created a few fun revenue streams – as noted on Calliope Jazz, Chocolate SOS and We Got Recipes.

To learn more about Phat Math‘s  work, please visit our sites below and check out our Amazon publications by clicking here. Thank you!

Best Job Hub 

Calliope Jazz  

Cash ABCs

Chocolate SOS

College Cash Magnet

Global Energy Post

Hot Math News

Main Street Bailout


Phat Math

Robot Labor Force

Skool Dealz

The Commerce Pro

We Got Recipes

Yuge Debt