Human-like Robot That Can Speak 38 Languages

Dinesh Patel is an Indian computer science teacher.  Mr. Patel has created a human-like Robot and named her Shalu – an intelligent robot that has an ability to speak 38 foreign languages.



Mr. Patel said, “Shalu has been developed using waste materials like plastic, cardboard, wood, aluminum etc. It took three years to develop it and the expenditure was around Rs. 50,000 (~$669.08 USD).”

Indian Teacher Creates Human-like Robot That Can Speak 38 Languages

You can also check out a video where Mr. Patel is talking to the robot and trying to assess its abilities by asking it different questions.  Mr. Patel also explained that Shalu can

  • memorize objects
  • recognize people
  • answer general knowledge-related questions
  • do math
  • greet people
  • display emotions
  • read newspapers
  • recite recipes
  • perform many other activities
  • be used as a teacher in schools
  • be used as a receptionist in offices

Please learn more about this human-like robot here.

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