Math is Cash: Money Grows via Simple and Compound Interest

There has been quite a bit of news and media buzz surrounding Dr. Iris Mack’s financial literacy book Mama Says, Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees!.

This math edutainment book is a ready-made lesson plan to teach students how money grows via

  • simple interest
  • compound interest

This financial literacy book has been listed on various Xlibris/Random House and Amazon Bestsellers’ lists. Dr. Mack’s book has also received high profile endorsements from influential celebrities such as Mrs. Karen Pritzker.


Dr. Mack’s book has been favorably reviewed in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Journal “Mathematics Teacher”, Volume 105, No. 7, March 2012, page 556. In this NCTM review a high school math teacher discusses how he used Dr. Mack’s book in his class.