NEW Big Test Server Changes: Storm Mender Weyland Redeemer War Robots WR

War Robots Test Server Gameplay with New Big Changes to STorm, Mender, Weyland, Redeemer WR

New War Robots Test Server today: Generally – I like many changes like the one for Mender and Weyland.
Personally I can also understand why Storm is being looked at. But I personally would rather have a look at Ravana and Scorpion rather than at Storm. Because the robots in my opinon (for example the fact that Ravana removes any negative effect with every single abiity use) is a problem. That you can never lock him down and prevent him from getting into your shield or too close with storms. Thats where problems in my opinion come from. Not so much Storm itself. I feel like STorm works as intended.
And I liked the Redeemers before, too. So. But what do you think?=

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