How Will Robotics Impact the Transportation Industry?

by  S. McColley, C. Kuchler, C. Johnson, W. Mentz, C. May, J. Lenyk and J. Mejia

Robots have impacted the transportation industry throughout time, but recently more than ever. They have impacted not only public transportation, but also the functionality of vehicles in areas such as China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. They lead the way in technological advancements for transportation. The kinds of robots being used include self-driving cars and public transportation.

Impact of Robots in Education

by Adriana Medina, Enrique Martinez, Jalen Matthews, Brandi Lopez, Josh Manheimer, Kai Koslov, Nia Larkins

In recent years, technology has advanced faster than anyone could have foreseen, propelling many industries to new heights. Some industries are able to adapt to this modern era of technology, yet some must make tradeoffs to stay with the curve. The industry of education is a peculiar case in regards to this question. 

The Invasion Of The Medical Robots

by Miriam Cohetero, Nydia Cooper, Sydney Davis, Merrie Detweiler, Joaquin Diez and Monica Robelo

Since 2016, the two nations that are and have been leading the way regarding robots in the medicine industry are Singapore and South Korea. South Korea boasts 631 robots per 10,000 employees, which is eight times the global average. Southeast Asian nations are significantly outperforming the rest of the world, and Europe and the United States lag significantly behind.

Robots And Automation Are Changing The World’s Insurance Industry

by Yennifer Sotero, Carlos Mera, Stanley Morlier, Timothy Peterson, Matthew Ramos, Ian Recile and Kori Reine
Low-cost robots increase productivity, and because of this, they are displacing many insurance jobs. Ultimately, those in the industry must adapt to the changing conditions.  Humans have to compete with the efficiency of robot labor and find ways to remain relevant.