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Publisher’s Note: This edition from 2017 is outdated and not compatible with TensorFlow 2.x or any of the most recent updates to Python libraries. A new edition completely updated and revised for 2020 with seven additional chapters that cover RNNs, AI and big data, fundamental use cases, chatbots, and more, is now available. Build real-world Artificial Intelligence applications with Python to intelligently interact with the world around youKey FeaturesStep into the amazing world of intelligent apps using this comprehensive guideEnter the world of Artificial Intelligence, explore it, and create your own applicationsWork through simple yet insightful examples that will get you up and running with Artificial Intelligence in no timeWho This Book Is ForThis book is for Python developers who want to build real-world Artificial Intelligence applications. This book is friendly to Python beginners, but being familiar with Python would be useful to play around with the code. It will also be useful for experienced Python programmers who are looking to use Artificial Intelligence techniques in their existing technology stacks.What you will learnRealize different classification and regression techniquesUnderstand the concept of clustering and how to use it to automatically segment dataSee how to build an intelligent recommender systemUnderstand logic programming and how to use itBuild automatic speech recognition systemsUnderstand the basics of heuristic search and genetic programmingDevelop games using Artificial IntelligenceBook DescriptionArtificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly relevant in the modern world. By harnessing the power of algorithms, you can create apps which intelligently interact with the world around you, building intelligent recommender systems, automatic speech recognition systems and more.Starting with AI basics you’ll move on to learn how to develop building blocks using data mining techniques. Discover how to make informed decisions about which algorithms to use, and how to apply them to real-world scenarios. This practical book covers a range of topics including predictive analytics and deep learning.