Computer Science K-12: Imagining the possibilities!: Bringing creative and innovative Computer Science to your school Price: $13.99 (as of 16/05/2022 14:31 PST- Details)

For teachers new to Computer Science who have been charged with starting a new class at your school, and just don’t know where to start. I’ll walk you through what you need to be considering such as which technologies, what type of curriculum, student recruitment, professional development, connecting with other CS teachers, and pedagogy. For school leaders, board members, and decision makers who need to know what Computer Science really is, what it looks like in the real world, and what it can look like in education– this book will guide you through many of those early questions as you consider if, how, and where Computer Science fits in your schools: What are the attributes of successful CS teachers? Where can I hire teachers? Do I need “experts” in CS? How do I evaluate a project-based class? Standards? Training for new teachers? What successful programs can I look at for ideas? For those experienced CS teachers who are just not seeing the energy and engagement in your classes, this book will be a wealth of innovative ideas and strategies to help you engage differently with your students. Technology today is interactive, engaging, and dynamic; Computer Science classes should have that same feel. You’ll see how to create a student-centered classroom where students lead their own learning. — Lou Zulli • Technology Director • IT Instructor and Network Administrator for CAT at Lakewood High School. (Retired) “There are teachers or educators and then there is Doug Bergman. This book reflects his infectious enthusiasm, his boundless energy and the depth of his expertise, which is built on years of experience with spectacular results….” — Kari Stubbs, PhD • Vice President, Learning and Innovation • BrainPOP “……I encourage you to absorb and apply his ideas, as you take the conceptual understanding of CS to a more practical reality.” — Christopher Starr, PhD • Director, Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Technology, School of Business, College of Charleston, S.C. “Finally! The one book that integrates the nature of computer science with academic and experiential learning outcomes, pedagogical innovation, and tactical implementation guidelines for K12 teachers, department chairs, principles/headmasters, district administrators and school boards…” — Adam Michlin • CS Teacher • Golda Och Academy • President, Central CSTA NJ “Doug has written a book that all experienced CS teachers wish we had years ago to help us plot or paths but especially to educate other teachers and administrators as to the unique nature of what we do and what we require…” — Jeff Tozzi • Vice President Microsoft Corporation ‘While the world around us continues to go through an amazing digital transformation, unfortunately the curriculum and structure of our education system has been slow to keep pace with the skills our students need both now as well as in the future.  Doug’s book outlines the critical thinking that teachers, administrators and parents alike must understand for us to have a real path forward…’ — Julie Hembree • M.Ed. Teacher-Librarian, Microsoft Innovative Expert • Cougar Ridge Elementary School “…This is a book that will intentionally ignite your passion for CS with detailed ideas on how to implement a program for your students. — Jake Baskin • Executive Director CSTA “Doug’s experiences capture the pitfalls to avoid and best practices every teacher, school and district should be considering as they implement computer science programs.” — Alfred Thompson • CS Teacher, Bishop Guertin HS “Doug has created one of the most innovative and successful high school computer science programs around. This book is a must read for school boards, administrators, educators, and anyone else who wants to create a top notch computer science program that prepares students for the future.”