Industrial robots and cobots: Everything you need to know about your future co-worker Price: $16.84 (as of 05/12/2022 21:42 PST- Details)

In the modern world, highly repetitive and tiresome tasks are being delegated to machines. The demand for industrial robots is growing not only because of the need to improve production efficiency and the quality of the end products, but also due to rising employment costs and a shortage of skilled professionals. The industrial robot market is projected to grow by 16% year-on-year in the immediate future. The industry’s progressing automation is increasing the demand for specialists who can operate robots.If you would like to join this sought-after and well-paid professional group, it’s time to learn how to operate and program robots using modern methods. This book provides all the information you will need to enter the industry without spending money on training or looking for someone willing to introduce you to the world of robotics. You will learn about all aspects of programming and implementing robots in a company.The book consists of four parts:general introduction to robotics for non-technical people;part two describes industry robotisation;part three depicts the principles and methods of programming robots;the final part touches upon the safety of industrial robots and cobots.Are you a student of a technical faculty, or even a manager of a plant who would like to robotise production? If you are interested in this subject, you won’t find a better book!