Math Refresher for Adults: The Perfect Solution (Mastering Essential Math Skills) Price: $29.66 (as of 15/05/2022 14:23 PST- Details)

Includes video tutorials. One for each lesson!. Check out our new Graph Paper Notebook with Resource Center. Perfect for all math students Math Refresher for Adults…The Perfect Solution Excellent for home school parents who want to help their kids with math! A Few Reasons Why You May Need This BookYou have a math phobiaYou have forgotten most of the math that you learnedYou want to be able to help your kids with their homeworkYou are re-entering the workforceYou are returning to college and will be taking a math placement testYou are applying for a job that requires a math competency testYou are entering a medical or tech fieldYou need to improve your math skills to advance your careerYou are preparing for a GEDYou are preparing for the SAT/PSATYou are preparing for the PRAXIS testAnd the list goes on…Everyone needs strong math skills!Includes:Basic MathGeometryProblem SolvingPre-Algebra & AlgebraA Math Resource SectionAccess to free video tutorials for each topic