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Robots: A Reference Handbook differs from most other books on robotics in the variety of resources that it provides to readers of all ages.Robots: A Reference Handbook teaches readers about a wide variety of robots. It opens with a history of robotics, dating to ancient Greece and Rome, at which time an impressive array of automata were invented for entertainment, religious, and instructional purposes. It follows the development of automata and robots in ancient China and the Islamic world, through to Western Civilization in the present day. Subsequent chapters describe the wide array of applications to which robots are put today and discuss the technical, social, political, ethical, and economic issues created by their increasing use. Additionally, a number of essays by interested individuals highlight various aspects of robotics development. The remaining chapters of the book provide resources that will assist readers in learning more about the topic of robotics.• Walks the reader through the surprisingly rich history of robotics• Details how robots have developed across the globe• Introduces the reader to a variety of technical, social, political, ethical, and economic issues related to the widespread use of robots today• Provides a variety of resources that can be used in further study of robotics