RAY, the UV-emitting robot that can kill COVID-19 on airplanes | Ottawa Citizen

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Kris Rupay, vice-president of engineering at Aero HygenX, said RAY was designed to move down the aisle of an aircraft and, using ultraviolet light, knock out 99.9 per cent of the pathogens in the air and on the surfaces.

“We wanted to bring the robotics side into this to ensure every single time we’re consistent and we’re always hitting the surfaces and the air in the exact same way,” Rupay said.

The World Health Organization describes the particular ultraviolet light, short wavelength UVC light, as the most damaging of ultraviolet radiation, but UVC doesn’t reach the earth’s surface, thanks to atmospheric filters.

The longtime medical application for UVC is using it as a sanitation tool to kill bacteria and viruses.

Aero HygenX has created a 360-degree, ultraviolet light-emitting, virus-choking robot tailored for airplanes.

“This virtually stops all the bad things out there right now, including COVID, right in their tracks from ever reproducing again,” Rupay said of UVC.

The prototype is going through the medical testing phase. Rupay, who noted that the company has an in-house epidemiologist, said they’re working with an agency that’s allowing RAY to run through a mock aircraft.

RAY can be controlled or run autonomously. The machine detects different objects that are in the way, so as RAY moves down the airplane aisle it can tell if it needs to change its trajectory, Rupay said.

“You move RAY onto the aircraft and you essentially hit ‘go’ and RAY runs down the aisle, gets to the end of the aisle, and comes right back without any human intervention,” Rupay said.

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