Reacting to US College Decisions: rejected by every one?? :OO

Here are all my college decisions! Hope it makes you feel a bit better about yourself, or if that’s not your style, hope you enjoy seeing someone come to terms with a shitload of rejection.

Just a spoiler: if you get rejected, it literally means you’re not meant to go down that path, no matter how sad or disappointing it may seem at the moment. It’s not like you didn’t try hard enough (unless you really didn’t try hard at all).

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0:50 Georgia Institute of Technology
1:50 California Institute of Technology
2:30 Johns Hopkins University
3:50 Dartmouth University
4:24 Yale University
5:18 Brown University
6:00 Cornell University
6:12 requisite pep talk in any college decisions YouTube video
7:18 Princeton University
8:07 Stanford University
10:00 The Funny Story Behind All The UK Applications

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