Sylvester Stallone Axing Paulie’s Robot in Director’s Cut of ‘Rocky IV’

Fans flooded his comments to show their excitement, but also their curiosity. Folks wondered whether he’d be adding new scenes, deleting old ones … and possibly giving more of a backstory to the relationship between Rocky’s right-hand man Paulie and his AI love interest in the flick, SICO … which has been widely panned, but also revered over time.

The interesting thing about that robot is that it actually played a role in Sly’s real life … with his own kid, no less. The robot’s actual designer, Robert Doornick, said as recently as 2016 Sly caught wind of the robot (before production on “Rocky IV” had started) and hit him and his team up, wondering if it could help with his son Seargeoh, who is autistic.

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