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This tiny battery could change the game for micro robots

While everyone wants their online purchases to arrive on their doorsteps ASAP, sometimes there just aren’t enough humans to do the job. That’s where robots come in. And you have to power the robots somehow. Enter this tiny zinc battery, which could change the game for micro delivery robots. Small […]

SIGN THE PETITION: Amazon workers are not robots

No-one should be scared about leaving work in an ambulance. But that’s the reality hundreds of Amazon warehouse workers face each and every shift. It’s time for a parliamentary inquiry into Amazon. There have been more than 600 ambulance call-outs to Amazon warehouses over the past three years. And all the while, […]

A Plant Overruns an Incredibly Intricate Cardboard Universe for Robots by Greg Olijnyk | Colossal

All images © Greg Olijnyk, by Griffin Simm, shared with permission Until now, Greg Olijnyk’s cardboard robots have been poised for adventure, whether perched on a speed bike or sailing an undulating sea. His meticulously crafted universe, though, has taken an eerie and slightly dystopic turn. The Melbourne-based artist presents fully […]

The word “robot” comes from Czech, not Greek like GPT-3 claims

Covid-19 crisis: we need your help to protect us all from bad information You’ve probably seen a surge in misleading and unsubstantiated medical advice since the Covid-19 outbreak. If followed, it can put lives at serious risk. We need your help to protect us all from false and harmful information. […]

Build Your Own Trick-Savvy Dog with This DIY Robotics Kit | Colossal

All images © Petoi, shared with permission The days of expensive training lessons for your dogs have come to an end. Thanks to Petoi (previously), you can build your own robotic pup that’s programmed to perform basic commands from the get-go. The agile canine, named Bittle, moves just like a […]