Teachers on Teaching: Jennifer Schneider, Applied critical thinking

All the thinks you’ll think”: the act of teaching ACT (applied critical thinking)

The great Dr. Seuss had it right, we all have a lot of thinks. Teaching students to think critically is a challenge for both the professor and the student, and is especially daunting when you’re just trying to get through the required learning outcomes and content. This interactive presentation will give participants practical strategies for the integration of applied critical thinking into courses, especially those pesky program related courses.

Topics include:

What is applied critical thinking at RIT, and why should I care?
When teaching problem solving is not enough, and what else you can use without wanting to throw yourself off a cliff!
Where is the fun? Not all critical thinking is serious!

Dr. Jennifer Schneider was recently appointed the Eugene H. Fram Chair in Applied Critical Thinking. She is a full professor in the College of Applied Science and Technology.