Venture Capital Firms Have Long Backed Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now, They’re Using It!

Gartner Inc. forecasts that Artificial intelligence (AI) will be involved in 75% of venture capital (VC) investment decisions by 2025 – up from less than 5% today.

AI’s ability to recognize patterns in data and predict likely outcomes has raised hopes that it can play a bigger role in VC decision-making.


Gartner analyst Alastair Woolcock said “finally, we’re at the tipping point where that gut feel is going to be transformed using artificial intelligence.”

The VC industry will to employ AI models and simulations that will change how

  • financials are reviewed
  • teams are assessed
  • growth strategies are viewed

Garnter’s Woolcock said “all of these classic human-driven assessments are going to be improved upon by AI.”

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