Warrior robots bring your video-games to life! | Yanko Design

We’re a month away from August, which means just a handful of days before the big USA vs Japan mega-robot fight… which is an absolutely legit thing. It also mean we’re a month away from the Mayweather McGregor boxing showdown!

Anyway, with the giant robot duel just ahead of us, what better way to up the hype than with miniature robot warriors! The Ganker by GJS are honest-to-goodness fighting robots, built to tough it out and battle each other.

The robots aren’t just electronic sparring equipment. They’re serious warrior tech. They fight, swing swords, deflect shots with shields, and even move around pretty adeptly with their mecanum wheels that allow them to walk, strafe, and rotate. However, the most impressive thing about these rogue robots is the eco-system around them. They don’t come with remote controls. They connect to your phones. Using Wi-Fi, the Gankers pair with your phones, allowing you to control their movements… and get this. The robots come with contact sensors that know when they’ve been attacked by weapons. So every time they take a hit, their “health” reading on your smartphone screen takes a drop. The minute you’re out of health, you lose and the other robot wins.

No robot has been designed with something as elaborate as Ganker’s gameplay. The phone works not as a remote, but as an experience, letting you actually battle opponents and even win or lose… allowing you to literally relive all your arcade-game fantasies in real life!

Designer: GJS

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